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Storytelling courses


Storytelling courses

Use storytelling to impact your audience. At these online courses, you will investigate how to create really sucessful stories.


Storytelling in the Workplace

These courses are intended for people who work in the office and want their messages to be clear for their target audience in order to reach the best results.


General Storytelling Workshop

At this online workshop, you will learn to create exclusive stories using canonical and innovative storytelling techniques.


Storytelling for Entrepreneurship

These online storytelling courses are developed especially for entrepreneurs and owners of startups who want to extend their target audience.

Do you want to become a sucessful storyteller?

Storytelling is an effective tool used in different fields of our life. If you can use it properly, you can reach great success in your social life or business. We offer four online storytelling courses, including Storytelling for social change, General storytelling workshop, Storytelling in the workplace, and Storytelling for entrepreneurs and owners of businesses.

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Online courses

VafimesOnline Storytelling Courses for Social Change


  • Basic storytelling hacks & tools
  • For everybody

Storytelling for Entrepreneurship


  • How to boost your business using storytelling tools
  • For entrepreneurs and owners of businesses

Storytelling in the Workplace


  • How to storytelling tools at your workplace
  • For businessmen, clerks, office managers, team leaders

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